-      ORGANIC COLUMBIAN GROUND COFFEE: CAFFEINE WARRIOR 🤎 Vitamin B-3, (niacin) has been found to help prevent skin cancers due to its antiviral and anti-tumour activities. The caffeine also tackles cellulite, wrinkles and reduces the appearance of these in the skin and acts as an anti-aging substance 🏼. Ground coffee also tightens the skin , the chlorogenic acid within coffee reduces inflammation and hyperpigmentation . This versatile bean is a natural exfoliator and also has antibacterial properties, which means it combats acne! 🥳 Dark circles under the eyes can also be improved by continuous use.


Turmeric contains an antioxidant ‘curcumin’ which is anti-inflammatory, and also lightens the pigmentation of the skin . This is useful for stubborn dark areas / patches of skin as turmeric will serve as a lightener and furthermore reduce any acne scarring with regular use 🤩. This super spice brings out your natural glow and leaves you shining ⭐️– whilst also combating sun damage .


This natural gentle exfoliator removes dirt and the build-up of dead skin, leaving you cleansed, fresh and soft . Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid which rebalances the skins pH level, fades lingering acne scars, dark problem areas, unclogs pores, battles and prevents acne & also weakens active acne 🤪. Combined with the ground coffee, your skin can easily absorb the nutrient filled benefits of coffee and the added turmeric can address your problem areas and get to work brightening those dark spots.


-      100% NATURAL ORGANIC COCONUT OIL: MAJOR HYDRATOR  Natural deep layer hydration. NO DRY SKIN HERE!  Coconut oil is composed of antimicrobial properties which treat and prevent acne! The skins barrier is strengthened, and you’re left feeling fresh, soft and hydrated! Coconut oil is amazing for eczema because it hydrates the skin so deeply. Coconut oil is also an amazing base / primer for makeup & foundation, so this scrub will leave you with soft hydrated skin ready for anything the day holds!




This is a SUPER OIL! Anti-aging and deep skin layer hydration  Vitamin E prevents and reduces inflammation of the skin so your face will be less puffy and less red whilst absorbing serious hydration 🤩. This is suitable for all skin types as; combination, dry and oily skin and can benefit from UV protection .

Colombian Coffee, Spiced Turmeric & Golden Sugar Scrub