Waves of wonder . Jam packed with minerals from the Dead Sea which replenish the skin and promote cell production – reducing scars and dark spots. The magnesium content reduces inflammation. Dead Sea salts are natural exfoliators, so blood circulation is improved 🩸⭕️ dull skin is no longer dull. These salts also eliminate toxins and are SUPER beneficial for those with oily and acne prone skin as oil / pH levels are restored and acne causing bacteria is targeted . These salts can even improve and combat eczema.


Magic in a jar . This oil is acnes worst enemy – tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties target both inflamed and non inflamed spots – so those annoying little spots on your forehead which won’t budge – yes those – are about to meet their match . Active acne will be drastically reduced with regular use and the combination of goodies in this scrub will keep you spot free, excess oil free but super hydrated 


Freshly squeezed organic lemon juice . Naturally contains vitamin c, a powerful antioxidant which reduces sun damage and is anti-aging🏼. It tackles various types of hyperpigmentation including acne scars. Lemon reduces the oil levels in skin due to its high pH levels. Inflammation is reduced and the antibacterial properties of lemon target acne causing bacteria. This humble lemon LIGHTENS and BRIGHTENS skin 


VITAMIN E OIL (PURE): This is a SUPER OIL! Anti-aging and deep skin layer hydration  Vitamin E prevents and reduces inflammation of the skin so your face will be less puffy and less red whilst absorbing serious hydration 🤩. This is suitable for all skin types as; combination, dry and oily skin and can benefit from UV protection 


100% NATURAL ORGANIC COCONUT OIL: MAJOR HYDRATOR  Natural deep layer hydration. NO DRY SKIN HERE!  Coconut oil is composed of antimicrobial properties which treat and prevent acne! The skins barrier is strengthened, and you’re left feeling fresh, soft and hydrated! Coconut oil is amazing for eczema because it hydrates the skin so deeply. Coconut oil is also an amazing base / primer for makeup & foundation, so this scrub will leave you with soft hydrated skin ready for anything the day holds!

Dead Sea Salt, Citrus & Tea Tree