- ACTIVATED CHARCOAL 🖤 : Activated charcoal cleanses skin deeply and removes stubborn impurities. It acts an an anti – inflammatory ingredient and reduces inflammation caused by acne👀. Activated charcoal improves the appearance of acne scars and blemishes 😁 and easily brightens the skin 🤩. It also helps to balance the oil levels in the skin reducing oil skin.


- EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL 💚 : Dry skin remedy 💘 and health oil. This essential oil fights inflammation and promotes healing of the skin. ✨ Anti-microbial which means it prevents pimples and blemishes. VERY HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS! Relieves sunburn and sun damage! 💛


- ROSEMARY OIL 🌹❤️🥀 : Antiseptic and hydrating – suitable for dry skin conditions and eczema! Skin rejuvenation!🤩 Increased blood circulation results in younger, more colourful and brighter looking skin🎃. And! As a natural face astringent, Rosemary oil causes the skin cells to contract which results in tighter looking and feeling skin after consistent use😍 . This oils also contributes against acne! 😼 -


- DEAD SEA SALT: Waves of wonder 🌊. Jam packed with minerals from the Dead Sea which replenish the skin and promote cell production – reducing scars and dark spots. The magnesium content reduces inflammation. Dead Sea salts are natural exfoliators, so blood circulation is improved 🩸⭕️, dull skin is no longer dull. These salts also eliminate toxins and are SUPER beneficial for those with oily and acne prone skin as oil / pH levels are restored and acne causing bacteria is targeted 😌. These salts can even improve and combat eczema.


- VITAMIN E OIL (PURE): This is a SUPER OIL! Anti-aging and deep skin layer hydration 💦 Vitamin E prevents and reduces inflammation of the skin so your face will be less puffy and less red whilst absorbing serious hydration 🤩. This is suitable for all skin types as; combination, dry and oily skin and can benefit from UV protection 💚


- 100% NATURAL ORGANIC COCONUT OIL: MAJOR HYDRATOR 💧 Natural deep layer hydration. NO DRY SKIN HERE! 😍 Coconut oil is composed of antimicrobial properties which treat and prevent acne! The skins barrier is strengthened, and you’re left feeling fresh, soft and hydrated! Coconut oil is amazing for eczema because it hydrates the skin so deeply. Coconut oil is also an amazing base / primer for makeup & foundation, so this scrub will leave you with soft hydrated skin ready for anything the day holds!

Activated Charcoal, Eucalyptus & Rosemary